Meet The Coaches


Aaron “Lando” Landes Owner : CrossFit Lando – Woburn, CrossFit Lando – Charlestown Head of Coach Development

The Sheriff

1003598_796894763672627_178877190_n I am a professional coach. Like many I found CrossFit through a desire for a more challenging fitness regimen and fell in love with the aspect of learning new information and being able to convey my knowledge to others. CrossFit is an open forum of people and information that I consider myself blessed to be a part of. There is something new to learn every single day, and by owning my own gym and being lucky enough to have athletes to coach, I have a place to spread knowledge and test ideas on a daily basis. I spent my earlier years as a college baseball player and then a Division I baseball coach. The ability for a coach to positively affect lives struck me early in my career and I take that role very seriously. A quest for world domination would be cliche, but it’s pretty close to what the goal is.

Education: Brandeis University: BA, Sociology, 2006 Boston University: M.Ed, Sport Psychology, Coaching Principles, 2009 Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Powerlifting USAW Level 1 Coach IFA Sports Nutrition

Stacey Kroon General Manager/Head Coach The Enforcer 1544283_499686310151747_1635641975_n Stacey Kroon wasn’t born. She was created. In a likeness that mirrors the entire Spartan army in the movie The 300, Kroon is one of those people that you realize operates on a different level. The beauty of Stacey Kroon is her ability to make anyone and everyone she works with not only feel comfortable but as if they have been good friends for years. You will not find a better coach in any sport. Excelling in athletic competition is as second nature to Stacey as breathing is to the rest of us. She was a three sport athlete in college and a competitive gymnast her entire life. After college she got into CrossFit and finished 9th in the 2009 CrossFit Games making her the 9th fittest woman in the world. As the sport evolved into a much larger and more difficult competition, Stacey decided she still was one of the best, finishing 4th in the Northeast Region in 2010. While many people in the sport considered the earlier Games to be easier to qualify for than the past 2 years, Stacey decided to prove most of those people wrong by not only finishing 2nd in the Northeast Region in 2011 and qualifying for the Games again but going on to finish 12th overall in the world. The 2011 season started with almost 12,000 women. That’s top .001% fittest woman in the world, for those who like statistics. Despite her amazing ability and accolades Stacey is one of the most down to Earth athletes and coaches there is. She loves coaching morning classes (thank the lord) and working with beginner athletes and has been a favorite coach and trainer at every gym she has worked at. When not at CrossFit Lando Stacey can be found in Norwood, MA where she lives with her husband Matt and does anything but CrossFit. Education: BA, Exercise Science, summa cum laude, Keene State College, 2005 Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Gymnastics and Advanced Gymnastics CrossFit Nutrition CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA 2 time CrossFit Games Competitor: 9th overall 2009 CrossFit Games 12th overall 2011 CrossFit Games. Sponsored Athlete: InoV-8 Nutri-Force

Jack Martin, “The J-Man” Lead Coach The Sheriff’s Deputy 247650_10151667690644314_1191121903_nJack might as well be called The Rat because you can’t get him out of the gym. When most 16 and 17 year old kids were worried about being a who’s who or what party to try and sneak out to, Jack was lifting weights and watching CrossFit videos. This lead him to The Program and CrossFit Lando. He started training with a coach and teacher at his school, North Middlesex HS in Townsend, MA, and hasn’t looked back since. Jack credits his developing from a twig like 16 year old kid to the physical specimen he is now to his coach Chris  Stellato and his mentors at CrossFit Lando. The J-Man currently is a Freshman at Fitchburg State College majoring in Exercise Science and runs the swiftest deli counter ever at Hannaford in Townsend, MA. He is L1 Certified.

Sarah Landes Coach Lifestyle Director The Sheriff’s Handler Kill Cliff, So Hot Right NowSarah has worn many hats. Her love for animals is clearly shown in her carting around of the Landes family dog Dexter everywhere she goes. She was an Animal Sciences major in college at University of Connecticut where she played on the polo team and trained horses. She eventually left for a prestigious horse training job in Buffalo, NY then settled back home in New Hampshire to start a career in Veterinary Medicine. Fitness has always been a major part of her life. She spent 3 years as a Figure/Bodybuilder competitor and earned her Professional Status in her first year of competition. She left the sport 2 years ago and quickly took to CrossFit, qualifying as an individual competitor for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals but competed with a team. She did the same in 2013. If Sarah isn’t at the gym she can probably be found somewhere with Dexter or dreaming of horse farms and winning the Kentucky Derby. Education University of Connecticut, Animal Sciences, 2008 CrossFit L1. for nutrition counseling

Matthew Kaplan Coach 10540397_958060651730_6112369143206037867_n

Kyle Hicks Coach 1462662_566515316828836_1429134300493209971_o

Kyle has been on the Lando Team since 2015 and carries a unique level of experience in his trained profession as an athletic trainer at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA. Incredibly humble and hard working, Kyle makes is always willing to work any day, any time. Loved by members because of his obvious desire to make people better in all facets of health and wellness, he is an invaluable member of the community.


When not coaching at Lando or helping high school athletes at the Prep, Kyle is hanging out with his wife Lauren, an OG Lando member at CFL Woburn. Having met while they both attended Springfield College they are one of the true Power Couples of CrossFit.

April Drolette Executive Assistant1924400_796890083673095_179713863_n


April is currently a student at Merrimack College. She started at CrossFit Lando – Woburn while in high school and has become a beloved member of the community and invaluable member of the staff. When not doing all the little things that Lando and Stacey don’t get to each day (secretly keeping the business running behind the scenes) she can be found obsessing over the dog she doesn’t have but always seems a day away from getting.

10440252_895266647165082_7330383839833329116_nJackson Nguyen : Lead Coach


Jackson comes to CrossFit Lando Charlestown having been integrated from Avalon CrossFit during the takeover from CrossFit Lando. He is experienced as a coach and weightlifter having been at Brick CrossFit in Boston before assuming the managerial roll he served at Avalon until then.


Always in the mood for a good bro session, Jackson’s positive attitude and desire to make everything he does fun is infectious in everything he does. Whether it be snatching 300# or coaching a BootCamp class in Charlestown, you are sure to get a few “Lit!” yells, plenty of smiles, and as many high fives. Wise beyond his years he brings a well rounded coaching style that pairs just good old fashion fun with a vast technical knowledge.

1483013_10151887467228621_1298645068_nBud Henry : Coach


Bud is the CrossFit Lando – Charlestown version of Jack in so many ways it’s scary. A youngin’ like Jack and freakishly athletic as well, Bud is just one of those dudes you constantly find yourself stepping back and realizing what he is doing day to day is nearly amazing.


A part of the team at Lando-Charlestown for 3 years while growing up in The Town, Bud is also a full-time student at Tufts University. His passion for all things health and wellness is apparent in every class he coaches and every training session he has for himself. If not impressive enough, Bud was a qualifier and competitor at the 2016 USA-W University National Championships in New Orleans, LA.


Bud coaches all programs at CFL-C while also heading up the Weightlifting Program.

14721658_10103214440971321_7900112927243173085_nPatrick Hopkins : Coach


If you can get past his amazing good looks you realize that Patrick is just another part of the Lando team who happens to be an outstanding coach. His technical knowledge is shown with his status as a certified exclusive CrossFit Games Regionals Judge. Patrick has been a professional coach for much of his life spending years as an elite coach of snowboarders in Vermont. He studied at Umass Amherst and quickly got wise to the life of 9-5 in a cubicle wasn’t for him, which is how he found his way to CrossFit and CrossFit Lando. With Bud and Jackson, Patrick comes to us from the Avalon takeover and we are genuinely lucky and better to have him. 

Darin Bibeau Co-Owner The Sheriff’s Right Hand Darin took the hint from some of his old friends when they kept telling him about this new CrossFit thing. He has been hooked since July 2011. Darin is one of those people who you meet and instantly are drawn to. He is also one of those people that you learn about and makes you wonder what the hell you have been doing with your own life. Bibeau spent 8 years active duty in the US Coast Guard where he specialized in Search and Rescue and Tactical LE. He was part of a Special Operations Unit Taclet South Miami (LEDET 401) leading operations in South and Central America. Darin was also part of the 9/11 Guarding Liberty Anti-Terrorist Task Force Team as well as the Anti-Narcotics Team and was responsible for what was at the time the 5th biggest drug bust in the world. After his time in the Coast Guard he spent 3 years as a Commander for the US State Department Special Operations Group, leading operations in South East Asia specializing in restoring civil order in chaotic war torn countries. You can pick your jaws up off the floor now. Darin is an avid sportsman. As if there needed to be any more accomplishments to his list to make him more legit, Darin recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He credits the strength and conditioning he gained from CrossFit (his only training for the climb) for allowing him to be the first to summit in his team and stay at the peak for the longest period of time in K2 history. Aside from climbing he has been a competitive hockey player most of his life. He played college hockey and still travels the globe playing with US based teams, most recently in Lithuania and Iceland. He loves to travel, loves the outdoors, loves all kinds of animals, and loves spending time with his wife Johnica.